The Cantabria 8-person hot tub is available in a variety of colors.  Check them all out here!

8-Person Hot Tub

Cantabria is our 8-person hot tub.  With 74 jets, this tub is the essence of luxury soaking!  SpaGlo multi-zone lighting, two Acquarella water features, and exterior cabinet lights are just a few of the whistles that takes this tub to a whole other level!  Sized at 9'x7'7"x38", this 8-person hot tub is the largest in our Caldera Spa line.  With 6 jetting sequences, 3 speeds, and the Atlas neck massage system, you will realize what Hot Tub Circuit Therapy is all about!  

Standard with the Utopia and Paradise Series tubs, is the highly efficient EnergyPro system.  The specially designed circulation pump maintains filtration and temperature control by continuously circulating the water.  This process also reduces wear on the jet pumps.

What's the point of having an 8-person hot tub, if you can't relax and watch the game while soaking? Our wireless TV and Sound System is just another cool feature upgrade!  The 17" widescreen LCD TV is both waterproof and temperature resistent!