Marino is our 6-Person Hot Tub. This 7'x7'x36" spa is the "mini-me" of the Palatino.  A perfect choice for short term rental properties, the Marino offers 35 jets, a lounger and simple operation.  

Palatino is our 6-Person Hot Tub. At 7'5"x 7'5" x 38", this spa is a little larger and deeper than other spas in the Vacanza Series.  45 jets churn 400 gallons of water to create a truly relaxing experience.  Available in a variety of colors and standard with Acquarella water feature and multi-color points of light, the Palatino is an exceptional choice in our value line of 6-person hot tubs.

6-Person Hot Tub

7-Person Hot Tub

Vanto is our 7-person hot tub and our BEST SELLER  for Rental Properties.  At 7'x7'x36", this spa offers 35 jets, 7 seats, multi-color points of light, Acquarella water feature, and comes in a variety of colors.  New for the Vacanza Series spas in 2015, is the upgraded monochromatic LCD control panel.  The Vanto7-person hot tub provides real value at an affordable price point for anyone who needs a tub, but doesn't want all the bells and whistles that the Utopia line of spas offers.