2-Person Hot Tub

3-Person Hot Tub

Aventine Spa is our 2-Person Hot Tub.  This gem is specifically designed to tuck into a corner or on a smaller deck.  At just 5'4" x5'4", it can be set practically anywhere.  Offering 14 powerful jets for back and leg pinpoints, this 2-person hot tub delivers!  The blue underwater light comes standard, as well as the patented Fibercor insulation.  The Aventine runs off of 115/20amp plug in.  Also available in a variety of colors to choose from.  check out the colors here.

Kauai Spa is our 3-Person Hot Tub.  It's small, but doesn't skimp on power. 31 strategically placed jets to relax all those tired muscles.  Seven points of light and an illuminated assist bar come standard.This 3-Person Hot Tub holds 220 gallons of water and is 7'x5'5" x29".  The perfect hot tub for smaller decks, patios or "cubbies".  Also standard is the EnergyPro system for continual tub filtration and temperature control. This 3-Person Hot Tub comes in a variety of colors for both shell and cabinet. check out the colors here.